US company management platforms

As I understand it, Justworks and Gusto are currently the two “all in one” employment / payroll / healthcare / etc platforms for US based companies.

Other recommendations for US based companies? Comments on Justworks vs Gusto?

I’ll also add that as a Canadian company, I’m using Deel for the same thing globally, but it worked for hiring & healthcare for US based staff too.

Another one is Rippling new company by original founder of Zenefits.

Oh this looks very interesting! So for US corps, also a Deel/Remote alternative. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve used both, and Justworks has access to MUCH better health plans than you can get access to through Gusto. At the small-company end of the spectrum, Gusto’s plans are roughly equivalent to the “Exchange” aka Obamacare plans, and will be pretty painful for Canadians living in the US.

Thanks Leigh – very useful comments. Justworks is the one that had been more widely recommended to me, so I’ll make that my recommended “stack” item until someone tells me different from live experience.

Woot :smiley: They have a bunch of benefits besides healthcare, including free One Medical medical concierge, an EAP, etc. etc.

I’ve also just found them to be extremely helpful on the “stupid HR questions” front as well, which ends up being very useful as a first time, non-American founder.