Sequoia Arc: Catalyst for Seed Companies | Sequoia Capital US/Europe

Interesting accelerator that Sequoia is launching. $1M of investment, 15 companies in the first European cohort.

Mix of remote and in person.

This company building program is for seed-stage founders actively working on an idea, product and company. For some, this means coming to us with an idea and no lines of code like Patrick and John of Stripe. For others, it is a MVP site with 1000 listings like Brian, Nate and Joe of Airbnb.

The first cohort of Arc is open to founders building companies headquartered in Europe. Applications for the US cohort will open later this year.

Just looked into this. It’s unclear when/if there will be a Canadian cohort. This summer is exclusively for companies with a headquarters in European and there will be a US cohort later in the year. The page doesn’t mention if Canadian companies will be able to enter in the American cohort.

Yeah, they are running their first program in the US, so they are unlikely to support Canadian companies at first.

It took many years for YCombinator to not insist on Canadian companies creating US entities. Maybe only in the last year or two?