Province of BC: Ravi Kahlon Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation - Mandate Letter

Seen via a thread on LinkedIn by Steven Forth, here is the Mandate Letter for Ravi Kahlon’s Minster of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation

There is a paywalled article on The Logic with some background.

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PDF of the Mandate Letter Kahlon Mandate Letter

I have also copy/pasted the mandate letter below, so we can quote and reply to portions of it.


Dear Minister Kahlon:

Thank you for agreeing to serve British Columbians as Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery
and Innovation. You are taking on this responsibility at a time when people in our province face
significant challenges as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has turned the lives of British Columbians upside down. None of us expected to face
the challenges of the past number of months, yet British Columbians have demonstrated
incredible resilience, time and time again. We will get through the pandemic and its aftereffects
by building on this resilience and focusing on what matters most to people.

British Columbians voted for a government focused on their priorities: fighting the COVID-19
pandemic, providing better health care for people and families, delivering affordability and
security in our communities, and investing in good jobs and livelihoods in a clean-energy future.
I expect you – and the work of your ministry – to focus on the commitments detailed in our
platform, Working for You, along with the following foundational principles:

  • Putting people first: Since 2017, our government has focused on making decisions to
    meet people’s needs. That focus drove our work in our first term and will continue to be
    our priority. British Columbians are counting on the government to keep them safe and
    to build an economic recovery that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Keeping
    people at the centre of everything we do means protecting and enhancing the public
    services people rely on and working to make life more affordable for everyone.

  • Lasting and meaningful reconciliation: Reconciliation is an ongoing process and a
    shared responsibility for us all. The unanimous passage of the Declaration on the Rights
    of Indigenous Peoples Act was a significant step forward in this journey. True reconciliation will take time and ongoing commitment to work with Indigenous peoples
    as they move toward self-determination. Our government – and every ministry – must
    remain focused on creating opportunities for Indigenous peoples to be full partners in our
    economy and providing a clear and sustainable path for everyone to work toward lasting

  • Equity and anti-racism: Our province’s history, identity and strength are rooted in its
    diverse population. Yet racialized and marginalized people face historic and present-day
    barriers that limit their full participation in their communities, workplaces, government
    and their lives. Our government has a moral and ethical responsibility to tackle systemic
    discrimination in all its forms – and every ministry has a role in this work. While our
    caucus elected a record number of women, more work remains to address gender equity.
    Delivering on our commitments to address racial discrimination will require a
    commitment by all of government to ensure increased IBPOC (Indigenous, Black and
    People of Colour) representation within the public service, including in government
    appointments. Our efforts to address systemic discrimination must also inform policy
    and budget decisions by reviewing all decisions through a Gender-Based Analysis Plus
    (GBA+) lens.

  • A better future through fighting climate change: In 2018, our government launched
    our CleanBC climate action plan. CleanBC puts British Columbia on the path to a
    cleaner, better future by building a low-carbon economy with new clean-energy jobs and
    opportunities, protecting our air, land and water and supporting communities to prepare
    for climate impacts. It is every Minister’s responsibility to ensure your ministry’s work
    continues to achieve CleanBC’s goals.

  • A strong, sustainable economy that works for everyone: We will continue our work
    to support British Columbians through the pandemic and the economic recovery by
    investing in health care, getting people back to work, helping businesses and
    communities, and building the clean, innovative economy of the future. Our plan will
    train the workforce of tomorrow, help businesses hire and grow and invest in the
    infrastructure needed to build our province.

The pandemic has reminded us that we’re strongest when we work together. Delivering on our
commitments to people will require a coordinated effort with your cabinet and caucus
colleagues, supported by the skilled professionals in the public service. You will also support
your cabinet colleagues to do their work, particularly where commitments cross ministry lines.

British Columbians expect their elected representatives to work together to advance the broader
public good despite their partisan perspectives. That means seeking out, fostering and
championing good ideas, regardless of their origin. I expect you to reach out to elected members
from all parties as you deliver on your mandate. Further, you will build thoughtful and sustained
relationships through public and stakeholder engagement plans that connect with people to
incorporate their perspectives early in the policy development process. These plans must include
measurable outcomes and ensure active dialogue and ongoing outreach in your ministry’s actions
and priorities.

Over the course of our mandate, I expect you will make progress on the following items:

  • Support people and businesses in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic by
    continuing to deliver initiatives that will directly support small businesses and build an
    inclusive economic recovery across B.C.
  • Work across ministries to lead the development and coordinate implementation of an
    industrial and manufacturing strategy that generates cleaner, more innovative, valueadded economic activity across B.C., while supporting our commitments to reconciliation
    and CleanBC.
  • With support from the Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, boost
    B.C. as a global exporter of climate solutions by investing in B.C.-based carbon capture
    and storage and other low carbon technologies.
  • Support the work of the Minister of State for Trade on special projects to support
    economic development, trade and innovation in areas such as B.C.’s shipbuilding sector,
    aerospace and forest sector innovation.
  • Support B.C. shipyards to build capacity and become increasingly competitive with
    investments to support more shipbuilding, refit, repair, and maintenance here in B.C.
  • Capitalize on the potential of B.C.’s aerospace industry by expanding support for B.C.
    companies to integrate into global supply chains and access new markets.
  • Launch a strategic investment fund to support our government’s objective of building a
    more innovative low-carbon economy by investing in high-potential B.C. businesses to
    help them scale up and grow here.
  • Lead the Office of Mass Timber Implementation and, with support from the Minister of
    Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, advance the mass
    timber action plan.
  • With support from the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training, work with
    B.C.’s Innovation Commissioner to lead investment in innovation clusters, with a focus
    on emerging industries where B.C. companies have developed the early lead – such as
    life sciences, emergency management technology, engineered wood, clean tech, artificial
    intelligence, and quantum and virtual reality technologies.
  • Support the work of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries to move forward
    with the recommendations of the Food Security Task Force and develop a new
    Regenerative Agricultural Network, which will create jobs for workers, opportunities for
    farmers and greater food security by bringing together natural systems of production with
    agri-technologies that enhance production.

To assist you in meeting the commitments we have made to British Columbians, you are
assigned a Parliamentary Secretary for Technology and Innovation. You will work closely together and ensure your Parliamentary Secretary receives appropriate support to deliver on the
following priorities, outlined in the mandate letter issued to them:

  • Develop an intellectual property strategy to support more innovation and commercialization
    by B.C. companies, including a First Patent Program.
  • Help more people from underrepresented groups get their first job in the tech sector,
    while simultaneously helping B.C.-based tech companies hire and grow, by increasing
    the number of Innovator Skills Initiative Grants and prioritizing placements for women,
    Indigenous people, people of colour and others currently underrepresented in B.C.’s tech
  • Help more innovative B.C. businesses successfully scale up here by expanding the
    successful RevUp program that brings business owners together with experienced
    mentors who provide coaching and advice on growing small successful tech companies
    into larger ones.

Our work as a government must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of people in this
province. Issues not contemplated in this letter will come forward for government action and I
ask you to bring such matters forward for consideration by the Planning and Priorities Committee
of cabinet, with the expectation that any proposed initiatives will be subject to the usual cabinet
and Treasury Board oversight. Your ministry’s priorities must reflect our government’s overall
strategic plan as determined by cabinet.

All cabinet members are expected to review, understand, and act according to the Members’
Conflict of Interest Act and conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. As a minister
of the Crown, your conduct will reflect not only on you but on cabinet and our government. You
are responsible for providing strong, professional and ethical leadership within cabinet and your
ministry. You will establish a collaborative working relationship with your deputy minister and
the public servants under their direction who provide the professional, non-partisan advice that is
fundamental to delivering on our government’s priorities. You must ensure your minister’s office
meets the highest standards for integrity and provides a respectful and rewarding environment
for all staff.

My commitment to all British Columbians is to do my level best to make sure people’s lives are
better, safer and more affordable. I believe the challenges we face can and will be overcome by
working together. By way of this letter, I am expressing my faith that people can expect the same commitment from you.

Sincerely, John Horgan


I’m going to take some time to review the mandate items, and think about which ones I can help with / promote / get behind / connect solutions too. As Steven says, we have a tech / innovation community to build, and government can be part of that.