Peer Product Management Training in Vancouver?

I saw this on LinkedIn by Isaac Soueweine of Real Ventures, looking to kick up product management excellence in Montreal:

I know that Vancouver has Product Camp and there is the Product BC Meetup, but I find both to be fairly tuned towards larger company, slower moving product management rather than early stage / fast growing.

Anyone interested in growing better product management in Vancouver might look at this approach for ideas.

I definitely like the starting point of peer training, which is the kind of thing I’d love to support with Venture Scouts:

built for companies with a product leader and at least one junior team member. Junior PMs attend the trainings and modules are provided by the leaders in turn. The program lasts 6 months.

And, from the APM Toronto site:

Associate Product Management training programs were popularized in Silicon Valley in the early 2000s. Outside of these huge firms resources are often too tight to effectively structure APM programs to fully empower and train entrants to the product role.

In 2017 a group of product-focused organizations in Toronto got together to fix this problem. We are now in our third cohort of APM Toronto : a collective of product leaders cross-training APMs in which 20 companies have added 40 new entry level PMs to the Toronto ecosystem.

The 6-month APM program runs to augment vocational placements with in depth training sessions and create an incredible network to prepare APM’s to be able to handle any challenge the product world can throw at them.