Jibe closes investment from OvareGroup: We're Accelerating our Growth to Build eCommerce Better-Life Brands

These last 4 years have been exceptional for our positioning of eCommerce services, our growth, but also the level of skill and maturity of our team. We’ve been extremely privileged to have long-standing team members and to have worked alongside some amazing better-life brands like Arc’teryx, 7mesh, Grouse Mountain, Organika, Sugoi, and Covalent. We have punched above our weight-class more often than not – for a team of our size. I’m fortunate to work so closely with every one of our team members.

We have shown time and time again, that playing the long-game and truly focusing on our people, relationships, and partners drive significant results . I’m immensely fortunate to be aligning with brands that care about their communities, the environment, their impact on the world, and providing exceptional human experiences for their customers.

eCommerce has arrived.

As if it wasn’t evident enough over 2020, I see a rise in the tide. Consumer behaviour has begun to dramatically shift to digital at a rapid pace. In the US alone, B2C eCommerce sales reached $794.50 billion in 2020, up 32.4% year-over-year. During the same period, global eCommerce sales hit $4.2 trillion (from a predicted $3.5 trillion in 2019).

eCommerce is here to stay – but how do we make a larger impact? How do we ensure we don’t fall into the trap of materialistic values and feeding consumerism? We build better-life brands from the ground up.

Congrats to @stevekrueger. And in case you didn’t click through the rest of the article, yes, they are very much hiring --> https://thejibe.com/careers#opportunities


Thanks for the share, @boris! pumped!