Introducing myself: Tam Kbeili

Hello there,

This is Tam. Nice to meet you!

I’m currently the CTO of, a marketplace for connecting schools to international students and recruitments partners. Previously, I founded CodeCore Bootcamp (now CodeCore College) and CodeCast (a video platform for developers).

I have a good amount of experience building web applications (Elixir, Rails and JS among other tech) and teaching coding. Would love to offer my expertise and advice, just hit me up if you think I can be helpful. Also, would be happy to bounce ideas around.

Happy to be part of this community and very grateful to @boris and others for giving help and advice, especially in the fundraising and pitching part of building a startup.


Welcome @tammam!

Tammam was one of the original Venture Scouts pitch participants when we did it live and in person at the Osler offices way back in February 2020.

We did a first review of Aplicar today. They’re live now with some exciting traction, get in touch with him if you are interested in EdTech and the international student business. Reviewers can find out more in the private review forum.

And he has lots to share about “developer media”, which is a category of company that isn’t widely known yet.