Introducing Myself: Steve Tannock

Hey-o, I’m Steve Tannock. I’m a former developer-entrepreneur (I ran Pencilneck Software for 13 year, successfully sold that in 2016). We specialized in in other’s gone-wrong projects, or writing the version 2 of existing software for a variety of companies. Like most early-aughts cos, we built our own CMS and sold that too. We also help build and sell a trio of spin-off companies along the way.

These days I’m the head of platform for Telus Digital, Canadian Telco. I’m a manager by title, and support the Developer Experience team for telus digital. We’re building a new generation of developer tools for all of telus - from app templates, to pipeline tooling, to publishing experience and GUI control planes.

I’m deeply interested in helping to give back what I can to the awesome canadian tech company - listening to your ideas, and happy to have convos on what selling to, or working with enterprise orgs like Telus can be like. Overall, I think a lot about how to improve the developer experience - not just here at telus, but everywhere - across social dynamics, tech tooling, practices, etc.

Always happy to have a coffee-chat about what you’re working on, and help if I can.


@Stv sounds like you’ve done and are doing some really cool work. I would actually be interested in taking you up on the offer for:

convos on what selling to, or working with enterprise orgs like Telus can be like

We’re currently focused on midmarket sales, but I’m curious what it would take (a bit from product, more from sales cycle) to move to larger organizations. The TL;DR of Aboard is we help teams onboard their new employees (from anywhere). If you’re open to a chat, please reach out: //

Glad to have you here! I’m a recovering Telco person myself, and all indications are that Telus is going through a thorough transformation right now. Cool gig.

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For sure, sounds good. Looking forward to chatting - I’ve booked time.

Thanks! happy to be here. Was telling @boris that I was looking for a way to reconnect to the community and he suggested this. And yeah - some exciting (terrifying, ambitious) transformation work definitely happening here.