Introducing myself: Reza Sanaie

Hi everyone,

It’s a pleasure to join this forum. I’m the current CTO and Co-Founder at Beanworks, the most robust Accounts Payable Automation platform. We are automating all the back office manual work that accounting teams do outside of the accounting software, such as invoice/po approvals, data entry, payments approval and electronic submissions (to replace manual checks) as well as employee expense management.

We started our SaaS solution in 2012 with four founders and are now around 100 staff here in Yaletown, Vancouver. We’re offering our service to entire Sage customer base under the Sage AP Automation brand, which is done through a white labelled exclusive OEM partnership.

We’ve been recently acquired by Quadient and are looking to expand our customer base to Europe and the rest of the world.

I know how hard it is for a first time founder to start a company from scratch, raise capital, find product market fit, build a sales engine, hire, build culture, etc. And we wouldn’t be able to get to this point without the help of all the other fellow entrepreneurs and advisors in our network. I’m here to pay it forward and be that helping hand to founders that are taking on the audacious challenge of building a startup, either in an advisory role or angel investor role.

Let me know if you want to know more and looking forward to meeting you all here and hopefully in person soon.



Welcome Reza! I’ve made you a pitch deck reviewer and you’re welcome to invite startups to get a group peer review.

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