Introducing Myself: Renato Rossi

Hi All,

Pleasure to be here! My name is Renato Rossi, I am currently based around the GTA, but normally you can find me on the continent of Africa working in the start-up ecosystem. I am currently handling investor relations for Ontario-based Transport Genie, an advanced monitoring solution for the humane transport of (but not limited to) livestock, with real-time alerts using blockchain technology to track activities throughout the transportation value chain.

As I usually operate across Africa, I am looking to expand my network in the Canadian venture scene, in efforts to help secure Transport Genie’s Seed round. You can reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter,, just please reference that you found me on Venture Scouts!



Hi @92rossi — welcome. Is there any specific ask of what you’re looking for?

Hi @boris , definitely! I am looking for a seed stage investor looking to invest in the agriculture value chain. My company is looking for both equity and debt to fuel scale and asset purchasing. Hopefully this helps, let me know if I could be more specific.

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