Introducing myself: Chris Nicola

Hi everyone, my name is Chris Nicola, founder of WealthBar (now CI Direct Investing) and now a recently exited founder. I’m also one of the founders of, and still running, the annual Polyglot Software Unconference. An event we will hopefully be able to hold again next year.

I’m also a student of lean thinking and have been applying methods and principles from Toyota to software development processes for a number of years now so if anyone has been or is interested in exploring that I’d be open to chat.

Also happy to chat about your startup and be a sounding board or provide any advice based on my own experiences to anyone who thinks that would be of help to them.



Hi Chris - we’re going with our seed fund into 2nd investment in a BC-based fintech. I am trying to harness some advisory strength around the company and will reach out to you.

Keep me posted on plans to run Polyglot again in Vancouver. I’m interested in helping out.