How to not suck at hiring

We’ve been having a “discussion” in #ehlist about the Hiring channel there, and what the basics are about hiring / recruiting in a Canadian context.

Leaving this as a placeholder. Interested? Add a comment if you’re interested, and we’ll ping you when we schedule this.

How much should I offer?

Salary vs. Equity Compensation for Startups

Recruiting / Sourcing: How do I find people to hire / apply for my job?

The basics of an AngelList page, Careers page, and helping other people share your job opportunities and find candidates.

Also: why are you posting developer jobs to LinkedIn? Different channels and strategies for different job roles.

Recruiting Developers: Technical Interviews

Try a digital whiteboard or pair programming session with a more senior developer. Look for quick learners, not experts. build a talent pipeline.

Employees vs. Contractors

Be careful with this! Go to “employees” from contractors as soon as you can, even if part time.

Hiring Globally - Remote First

The internet has no borders, why limit yourself by geography?

Tools and Services

VanHack - international hiring & immigration

@trevoro I made this a wiki so you can add some topics. We should run this at some point.

I’d be interested and may be able to contribute.

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Awesome. I think I’ve set the post up so members can edit.

Are there things you want to cover, things you see people getting wrong a lot?

Add something to the top post if you like.

I’ll figure out a time in a couple of weeks.