Consulting / Contractor Contract Template

This is the template I’ve used both as a consultant myself, and for hiring contractors. It is a template originally created by @martinertl when he founded Contractually, a legal startup.

I use and share it to this day.


@dawid this isn’t an employment contract, but it is very similar. You can see the IP / work product, and then the section at the end where the consultant describes the IP to which this doesn’t apply to.

I like the plain language drafting, this should work for most simple consulting arrangements. Only comments I’d have:

-may make more sense to delete section 4 and move payment terms into the schedule to give more flexibility between flat free/hourly arrangements.

-some boilerplate about this being a consulting relationship, consultant providing their own equipment, having control over how services are performed, etc. may be useful, or at least a disclaimer letting people know not to use this for full-time, employment-style relationships

Consider the document to be CC0, Public Domain, to be used and adjusted as needed :slight_smile:

Section 4 is where it is in order to be somewhat structured negotiation. Monthly and 30 days, every 2 weeks and one week, and so on. This is mostly useful for consultants to frame this for companies.

I often use these for retainer-style engagements, where everything is monthly and not hourly based, and that is explained in the Fees section.

Boris is not a lawyer comment: Y’all – don’t use this for full time employment.

I have BC/Canadian templates for employment contracts too, and so should your startup lawyer, who will provide it to you for free.