now LTSE Equity, has pricing plan has been free practically forever, other than some paid 409a US valuation services.

They are now LTSE Equity, and paid plans start once you’ve raised $1M:

Ownr – which is not quite the same thing, especially no scenario modeling, but you can actually fully manage your cap table in Canada with it – is $599CAD / year.

Note: RBC bought and renamed it to Ownr.

I guess I need to at least dust off some of Ed’s spreadsheets for modeling from now on :slight_smile:

Interesting upsell threshold. Unique!

Via #ehlist, Pulley was mentioned as another solution for managing cap tables

I’m working on getting a demo to try it out. US-centric, but that was never a problem for me in using CapTableIO. Starts at $100USD/month.

This is only “worth it” if you’re using it to issue and manage a round of SAFEs – paying for Pulley for a year will still be less than the legal fees for getting your law firm to handle the SAFE transactions.

There are some Canadian law firms (Blakes?) that were using a white label version of Founded/Ownr, I wonder if they are still using that code base?