The Misaligned Support of Startups [in Canada], Jesse Rodgers

A long read by Jesse on the model of supporting startups in Canada mainly through non profits, who don’t share in success of the startups and thus don’t have a model for sustainable growth.

Early data seems to suggest that founding startups is going down. I wonder how many US startups are created by Canadians?

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That has been my feedback to programs such as NVBC and alike. I think they’re all trying to be “Canadian” and not take away equity from poor founders, however that’s doing a disservice to the entire ecosystem and flywheel


I think Jesse is trying to give very broad feedback to anything that is a non-profit. I thought mostly of many entities that claim to be accelerators or incubators.

I think we’re still at the same sad statistic – there are no accelerators that write cheques / take equity west of Waterloo.

There might be some newer examples I’m missing, but I think that’s correct. Anyone have a counter to that?