The Mirrortable - Balaji Srinivasan

Mirrortables are to cap tables what stablecoins are to fiat currencies. They streamline and internationalize the logistical mess of angel investing.

Balaji suggests managing a cap table on the blockchain.

This is an interesting companion to the reading on Open Cap Table Coalition - Canadian members?

I mentioned an open source project for Open Cap Table. Doing something that read/writes Open Cap Table format and syncs it with mirrortable would be a great project.

I don’t talk a lot of #crypto here, but it’s definitely in scope for the type of founder & funder topics we cover here. I just setup an ENS name for my company to collect the final funds of a round, and I did setup ROUNDNAME.COMPANY.eth as the address.

If you want to dive in more, I have yet another Discourse forum where I go deep on crypto topics, albeit more so on art / music / open source