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Of particular note from the website are two documents:

WISE Convertible

Inspired by Y Combinator’s Safe convertibles, utilizing the simplicity and speed of convertible notes but elegantly avoiding the debt trap, I attempted to adapt the U.S. documents to Swedish law a couple of years ago. Many founders asked for a Swedish version of the Safe, and how hard can it be? Just change the jurisdiction to Sweden, right?

After banging my head against the wall for two years, with both lawyers and auditors telling me why it’s impossible, or at least unreliable and risky, under Swedish corporate law, I decided to not adapt the Safe to Swedish law, but to start innovating from scratch.

Today I’m happy to introduce the new Swedish financing instrument WISE (Warrants for Investment in Startup Equity) . In practice, it works like the Safe convertibles (where the invested amount is converted to shares later depending on the valuation in next financing round), but it’s based on warrants ( teckningsoptioner ) which are well-defined in Swedish law and all lawyers and auditors know how they work.

SWEAT Advisor Options

Once upon a time, Swedish tech entrepreneurs had very few role models to engage as advisors in their startup journey. But that was a long, long time ago. Nowadays, there are lots of experienced founders and industry experts out there, who are willing to help other entrepreneurs.

Until now, there hasn’t been any standard for how to compensate advisors. By publishing this SWEAT (Startup Warrants for Engaging Advisors Template) guide and documents, I hope to minimize the thresholds, costs and headaches for entrepreneurs to engage advisors, and for advisors to more actively help founders.

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