Open Cap Table Coalition - Canadian members?

The Open Cap Table Coalition launched earlier this year, here’s the announce post from July 2021:

The three core principles are:

  1. Responsibility: The company is ultimately responsible for maintaining and updating its capitalization information as a corporate record. Equity holders also have an interest in the company’s capitalization information, which may include the right to use information pertaining to their specific holdings with other services and technologies for their own purposes. The extent of their access to such information is governed by company by-laws, investment, or other pertinent contractual agreements, as well as applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Company Choice: The company has the right to use or transfer its capitalization information on or to whichever services and technologies it chooses to work with its capitalization information.
  3. Collective Action: Service providers and technology platforms supporting companies and their equity holders should proactively work together to facilitate the portability of capitalization data in order to enable those companies and their equity holders to accurately, effectively, and efficiently exercise these rights.

There was a recent announcement of 27 new members:

Each of these 27 companies has agreed to the three Open Cap Table principles and are helping the coalition gear up to launch the first iteration of the Open Cap Table Format, an open-sourced cap table format that aims to prioritize companies’ changing needs and help the ecosystem become more efficient.

Only one Canadian law firm, Fasken, that I immediately recognize. Please talk to your lawyers, point them here and/or at the links, and get them on board.

Pulley is the cap table management system I’m going to switch to is listed there.

I’m looking forward to what the absolute simplest open source project around this is. Anyone want to work on this?