Launch Academy and what’s next

Launch Academy is shutting down its physical space and ending an era of being the only useful startup community entity in Vancouver.

Ended up on a Twitter thread kicked off by James Clift:

Reply by me:

And some back and forth with @ckneumann

Venture Scouts isn’t going to fill the gap left by Launch Academy, but I hope that we can have more peer support, more Angel cheque writing, and maybe even help get some new early stage funds off the ground.


That is a shame. Though slow in execution, joining Launch Academy for the community was on my near term goals. Read plenty of good things about the accelerator and being able to work next to others was my driver.

On hopeful side, the talent and community will have to go somewhere, so hopefully it is redistributed to other accelerators/startup-schools and things aren’t worse. Hopefully.

Unfortunately there really aren’t any Canadian accelerators or communities that I can recommend west of Toronto.

(If others have some to recommend — please share a link!)

There are lots of good humans locally and more arriving on the advisor and investor side, some of which are intro’ing themselves here.

And of course we’ll see what physical space means in the upcoming times.

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I know too little to guess reasons for such a status quo. Would expect that corpo escape from Silicon Valley and some of them moving to BC would help the scene but as you mentioned it hasn’t happened yet.

With the physically, I’ll be betting on co-working. That’s a hope. Once I get my second vaccine dose I’m looking for some place with like-minded folks. Internet is great but it’s a bubble; I need to be interrupted from time to time with things I didn’t know I needed to know about.