Introducing myself: Kieren Beltrame

Hi all, I’m Kieren. I am currently supporting a number of investors by working with their product, engineering and data science teams as a CTO/tech-team mentor. I’ve got a background in software development, M&A and experience covering both the corporate world (Microsoft, Skype) and startups (5x founder, lots of lessons learned). My LinkedIn is at

I’ve been a Canadian resident for the past 7 years and citizen for the past 2, and am proud to call here home. I’m currently diving into how the best investors de-risk their investments, and how those practices can be scaled out to further improve the chances of success for scaling businesses. If any of those topics resonate with you then please feel free to reach out, I’m here to engage with the community and help in any way I can!


Welcome @kierenb!

I met Kieren at Web Summit in Dublin many years ago, and we recently re-connected.

CTOs for hire are in high demand for all stages of company, and he’s thinking a lot about scaling and success across portfolios so invited him to join us here.

@jaethan you should have a chat with Kieren.

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Also! Just saw this:

We talked about this: Software / SaaS is very large. How much larger can it get? Is there a funding bubble? What categories of companies can be Venture class?

I’m currently looking for some data on how many new funds have launched in the last ~18-24months, but anecdotal evidence suggests “lots”. Given the money flowing into the software space in general (and SaaS in particular) I have a few thoughts:

  • with increasing money chasing quality investments, there MUST be pressure on finding the best ideas, team, addressable market etc. The greater fool theory remains relevant.
  • but we are also at a stage of the internet where I sense there are a number of forces that will move us from web2.0 into web3.0. You just have to look at the take rate of the current internet giants to know that someone somewhere is figuring out how to eat their lunch in a sustainable way

So whilst I have no doubt that some less sophisticated investors are contributing to a bubble, I remain convinced that there are sections of the new web that are absolutely under-invested at present. Don’t get me wrong, I am still looking or best practice on finding them and rating them in a scalable way, because traditional due diligence relies on the person asking the questions and data on hand for the company. I think there’s lots of room for improvement in these areas and am open to any ideas!

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PS I was thinking I needed a LinkedIn post along these lines. I might just steal this! :sweat_smile: