Introducing myself: Katie Wilde

Hi everyone, great to be here :blush: I’m Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer which is a remote team. I’m also @expede’s partner and a friend of @boris in case we’ve met at FissionHQ where I’m often found.

I’m most certainly not a founder myself, but I enjoy startups and entrepreneurial people - you are exciting people! I’ve mainly worked for small growth stage companies, in the ~15 to ~100 team members range, and that’s what I like.

I also have an economics/finance background, and am looking to become more involved in investing and developing Canadian startups and the tech scene here more broadly.

My main skill-set that I hope would be useful to this community is that I think clearly and have the common sense gene turned on :crazy_face:

I can help out with any engineering team challenges related to growing an engineering team, such as hiring, engineering management, operations, and how to introduce ‘structure’ and ‘process’ that’s sensible, in ways that actually work for you and will not completely freak out your engineers.
I can also help with remote challenges, if such a situation is applicable to you and you want help.


Welcome @katie! You are awesome and thank you for choosing to participate!

We haven’t really activated the “new Angel” portion of this site yet, but I think we’ll have some things coming up in this category.

Where’s the part of your intro where you talk about how you’re an expert at distributed teams and just wrote a book on remote work???


Ah, yes, I did do that!

I also have these engineering-ey books:


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