Introducing myself: Jakob Persson, founder of Elately


I’m Jakob Persson, a SaaS founder based in Sweden. I’ve previously co-founded a high-growth web agency with presence in the Nordics.

In the last years I’ve worked on realizing an idea that was born during my years as an agency founder and freelance consultant: that professional service businesses, and particularly independent consultants, don’t nurture their client relationships nearly as well as they should. Instead of keeping existing clients happy – and buying more – they spend an inordinate amount of time to chase down new leads. What they need (but can’t afford) is an account manager to nurture those relationships – and that’s what Elately does:

Being a SaaS founder is a new journey for me and I realize daily how much there’s to learn. I love that. I do believe that when you stop learning, you stagnate. I’m grateful to Boris for inviting me here and getting to learn from you all of you.

I try to write regularly at my startup’s blog ( on business development for freelancers and agencies. Pricing and client relationships are some of my favorite topics.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, skiing and scuba diving when the weather permits. I also head off to the climbing gym now and then. Less so during COVID.


Welcome @jakobpersson and thanking you for sharing the Swedish startup resources – I’ve added them to the site.