Introducing myself: Dawid Laszuk, Founder, Agents Bar

I’m a first time “entrepreneur” and a founder of Agents Bar. Being able to bootstrap after a few soulless years for Amazon and many years in academia learning the monk-lifestyle.

Although the tagline for Agents Bar is “a place for AI agents to hangout” the exact niche is yet to be found. I don’t want to rush as I’m enjoying building a platform for deep reinforcement learning (DRL) agents. It is currently the closest to my dream job and product, so to get this rolling for many years I want to make this a sustained service, in one form or another. The closest industry for the current service is “MLOps” although because of DRL I’m betting on the visibly demanding (semi-)near future.

I usually keep my sanity and productivity by avoiding discussion with stranger on the internet but this group seems promising. I’m excited to become part of the community and learn from your experiences. Hopefully you can also help me directly by providing constructive feedback or helping me find co-founder(s).


Welcome @dawid!

Are you still looking for a cofounder?

What other things are you looking for right now? How can we help?

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Thanks Boris.

Yes, I’m still on look out for cofounder(s). The main factors are curiosity and will. I’m quite technical so someone complimentary would be preferred but I’m also happy to learn whatever is required to be the complementing one. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please message me here or my homepage :slight_smile:

As for what might be helpful, except for more hands to work, that’s one of those unknown unknowns. Maybe something that’d be beneficial for everyone would be some BC/Canada specific list of common actions with deadlines and at which stage of company such action is applicable. For example, having my MVP and a couple of use cases in mind, there’s plenty of content creations tasks. Give that it’s ML I thought I’d hire an intern but just missed the deadline which was the end of April. As a first timer I’m still trying to figure out “exploration and exploitation” priorities and it’s difficult to get unbiased opinions since that’s likely personal and people have their preferences. Canadian gov docs are great reads though sometimes difficult to navigate. Random blog posts are somehow helpful in getting a gist but they often focus on US market or aren’t up to date. Also, controversial things gets more engagement and I’m not sure something is “valued” for good content or for being “edgy” and inline with “cool kids hussler”.

From my personal egoistic side, I appreciate any criticism on content that I create. Be that the landing page, some suggestions on what to focus on, asking guiding questions, redirecting potential collaborators, connecting with interested people… But that’s obviously a lot to ask. Anything helps; I don’t seek for malicious intent in humans so feel free to criticism me :slight_smile: And hopefully I can give back, either directly or pass down the investment.

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I haven’t started it yet, but essentially connecting people to “please read my home page and tell me what you think I’m communicating about my business and what questions you have” is a good thing we could do.

That could also be done publicly — which needs to be connected with what you’re trying to do right now: edge sign up, pay for a thing, download something etc

Maybe you want to be a guinea pig and try this? List a Calendly or similar booking link so that someone can book time to give you live feedback?

Feel free to email me privately if you want to discuss further.

Re: government deadlines. While some government programs can be helpful in Canada, they can be a giant waste of time. As a single founder — I don’t think it’s worth it.

In the US, founders aren’t looking around to see where they can get part of an intern paid for.

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These are great, thanks. Especially live feedback might be interesting as people usually have some feelings at the moment and when writing, unless they had super strong feelings, they won’t just do minimum.

My main problem right now is to convey that there are two parts to our service. One is a self-service for developers/researchers/hobbyists and then there is a contractor part. There is also some misunderstanding on what the “agent” is, since from business side it often means customer service entity. As you mentioned in our private conversation, this likely needs a few specific and targeted landing pages.

On that note, if anyone reading this would like to learn how AI agents can help their businesses feel free to contact me or set up a Calendly meeting.

Regarding interns, I’m looking for students interested in machine learning. The content I’d like to generate is very much educational but with business applications. There are plenty of low-quality blog posts about it and I’d like to pay someone to learn and create how quality reference examples.

About government… that’s the thing. There seems to be plenty of things but to learn whether something is useful one needs to read it. I’m lacking in hands and heads, rather than in finance but also don’t want to pay anyone full time unless I have proven that this is a viable business. But then again there are some tax credits on some things and if these are for the same that I’m going to do either way then that’s a discount.

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