Introducing Myself: Brooklyn Zelenka

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all :wave:

I’m the cofounder and CTO at Fission (@boris is my cofounder). We’re building developer tools that let teams focus on the UI and customers by eliminating the backend and DevOps. It also works offline, is end-to-end encrypted, and so on. If you’re not a developer, this pretty much means that a small dev team can have much more skills leverage, and big teams can be more nimble.

Boris and I are in Vancouver, but the team is distributed with one dev in Missouri, and another in Belgium. We also have an occasional designer in Brazil.

We’re on the venture path. We raised a pre-seed round in Aug 2019. At time of writing, we’re doing an angel round, and talking to VCs for a proper seed.


I certainly have the “founder gene turned on” — I seem to always be starting businesses :sweat_smile: Fission seems to have the most legs of the things I’ve started, but have done a couple of products and consultancies over the years.

I’m always learning more about business, and try to keep a beginners mind. I’ve learned most things the hard way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have no formal training in CS (dropped out of a music theory program a lifetime ago), but my main background is engineering and computer science.

  • Written open source projects with 10ks of downloads
    • In production at several bigcos and banks
  • Did standards work as an Ethereum core developer
  • Consulted to write code and R&D for Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Kickstarter, & many more
  • Serial international keynote speaker (tech conferences)
  • Kind of weird mash of expertise in distributed systems, formal methods, virtual machine design, programming language theory, an increasingly cryptography.

How I Can Help

More than happy to help advise (formally or otherwise).

Can give technical feedback, review tech roadmaps, validate tech fit of product or potential early hires, and so on.

Always happy to help iterate on a pitch deck (“experience” is the name that I give to my many mistakes in this area).

I’m generally highly caffeinated, and am always up for a coffee (or call)