Introducing myself: Brey Tucker // AEC Tech Consultant + Strategist@Autodesk


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I’m a AEC (architecture engineering construction) geek and have been an innovator and implementer of many technologies in my 16 years in the space. I was there for the dawn of BIM, taking BIM to VR, moving from VR to cloud based collaboration and now help run SaaS strategy for one of the biggest companies in the space. During the pandemic I started consulting with construction and manufacturing companies in my free time. In a non-pandemic world, I also use my free time to build large interactive structures that I set fire to, where I use a lot of digital fabrication technology. I’m originally from Texas and love grilling/smoking all things, so long as I’m still taming a fire.

One of the companies I’m working with has been building construction tech software for 20 years and it’s got me really excited to take on the role of guiding them through company formation and bringing this product to market. I’m here to meet folks to discuss all things start-up, construction tech, legal, GTM strategy and how to best run a scalable tech company in BC Canada.

Looking forward to meeting the community and beginning this journey :slight_smile:


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Welcome @BreyTucker — this is going to be fun!

Brey and I have collaborated for a while, including doing an AR installation back when I was running the HUMAN product studio.

He also is a Texas brisket pit master, which I hope to share with all of you at some event in the future :wink:

Construction Tech is definitely an emerging space where Brey has unique working industry knowledge, so I encourage you to connect with him. @jaethan I’m going to intro you in particular.