Getting Started: Introduce yourself

If you’re new here, please introduce yourself!

  1. Title the post something like “Introducing myself: NAME, ROLE, COMPANY”

  2. Add the #intro tag, consider tagging your “home city”, like #vancouver, and maybe your sector or industry, like #legaltech

  3. Tell us a bit about yourself, your company, your interests, what you’re looking to learn, and any asks that you have at the moment, eg. “Trying to find someone with experience in building a VR pet store”

Feel free to include a link to your Twitter, LinkedIn, personal home page, or other places where people can find out more about you.

An intro / short pitch about the current company or idea you’re working on is great, too, but try not to go full promo :slight_smile:

If you want to follow along with all the intros, you can “subscribe” to make sure you get notifications for each new intro.

Got to the intro tags page:

Select the bell icon in the top right hand corner, and choose the level of notification you want:

We recommend setting this to Watching First Post, which means you’ll get an email notification for each new intro post, but not the comments on it.

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