EigenSpace Program Info Session

The new EigenSpace Program, a cohort based investment and venture coaching program by @davidcrow, Jesse Rodgers, Victoria Baskerville, and Nigel Stokes is having an info session on 2021-04-20T20:00:00Z about the program.

We intake five companies at a time and offer $50 000 in funding for 3.5% in common equity (in a SAFE). No preferences on the equity. This funding and our programming (coaching and support) is intended to help startups ramp up and get a good seed round that sets them up for long term success.

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And congrats David and the whole crew for launching this. I think it looks great, it’s not an incubator or an accelerator, and it comes with funding.

I think it would be interesting to interview David and some of the other crew about some of the origins of the program on video, so I might just do that.


Thanks, this looks very interesting. RSVP’d

I’m happy to connect and share.

I am still struggling to get my internal monologue about the motivations to be clear and concise for public consumption. Basically, we know founders need to be able to have open and honest discussions about interpreting the early signals. These conversations very likely need to occur in the lens of financing the next phase of the business. And the signals change week-to-week. And our investment process looks like trying to help founders interpret early signal and figure out a plan for what’s next.

Understanding how the money works and how to plan for an uncertain future is what we’ve been doing. This is our way to have skin in the game, invest our money and our time, to be aligned with the founding team on a fun, difficult journey.


And an article from Nigel:

Does Canada really need another start-up program? Eighty-five percent of the graduating class of computer science and engineering from key Canadian Technical Universities like Waterloo are heading to the US to find success. The C100 shows successful expat Canadian entrepreneurs run Silicon Valley. One high profile example is Elon Musk. Mr. Musk’s Mother is from Saskatchewan, while he is originally a South African immigrant, he was educated at Queen’s University in Kingston before heading to the Valley. The successful co-founder of eBay Jeffrey Skoll is another. There are many more. The brain drain from Canada to America has been going on for decades.

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